LED fits Square Red Trailer Turn/Signal/Stop 2 Light DOT compliant Set L/R Submersible Under 80


SKU: 1.44884473.1129

  • Super brilliant LED Submersible Trailer Lights Read customer reviews, these LED lights are bright enough to see in the daytime! For trailers 80" wide or less
  • DOT compliant and thoroughly tested to make sure you don't get pulled over for dim lights
  • Stunning multifunction light action: Tail Light that get brighter when you brake, turn signal indicators on the side, plus a white light on the underside of the left light for license plate illumination
  • 10 LEDs each (plus side turn signal lights and license plate light)
  • Heavy duty no-rust automotive grade plastic with rust-resistant metal fittings; Each light has bolt studs with nuts for easy installation